Precision, safety, high production standards - it's the basis of our business

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About the company



Our vision is inspired by stars

Sargas (Theta Scorpii, θ Sco) – is the brightest star in the south of Scorpio's constellation. It is so bright that it’s visible to the naked eye in the night sky. Sargasas is special because of it’s rapid evolution - with each passing million years, this star becomes only brighter and hotter.

Constant progress and growth are our goal and aspiration.
For more than a decade (the company was founded in 2005), we have been raising precision mechanics standards in Lithuania, by producing extremely high precision components for lasers, optomechanical devices, medical equipment, aviation equipment, machine tools and other precision engineer equipment used in various industrial sectors.

Slowly, but surely, we've become known and visible in our field. And not only because of the cutting-edge equipment, best practices, and efficient production management system, but because we have always been able to produce high-quality product. We couldn't do this without our valued team, their abilities, knowledge and experience.


Production processes

Special attention to effective production processes

We look at production process with great responsibility and attention. Through many years of work, we have tested and discovered the best working methods that allow us to meet our clients' orders in a timely manner while maintaining maximum efficiency.

Stages of production process

  • Programming the equipment
  • Selection of tools
  • Processing
  • Creating a measuring program
  • Final quality control

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Fourth Industrial Revolution

Sargasas pays special attention to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as the company requires more and more human resources to process the growing amounts of data. A lot of production changes occur during our working process. These changes are managed by reliable software such as ERP Monitor system for production management. We also invest in the Internet of Things. The ERP Monitor Machine Integration allows us to view and analyze CNC machine data in real time, which improves production planning.

In our work, it is crucially important to be able to view data in real time and without delay, in order to make decisions when needed, and as accurately as possible. We have been using the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence system to manage business processes in real time. In order to become more competitive in the market, the company plans to update the process of digital automation by using the artificial intelligence tools such as Machine Learning or Deep Learning.



Real-time production monitoring