Manufacturing of Precision Mechanics

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About us


Leading-edge equipment and high quality standards

At the beginning of our company, we only had several universal turning and milling machines. We have gradually invested in new equipment, and as a result today we carry out orders with a wide range of modern CNC milling machines, turning centres and 5 degrees of freedom machines. It allows us to ensure the precise manufacturing processes, prompt realization of the tasks entrusted to us and adhering to the highest standards of quality.


We are a presicion manufacturing leader in Lithuania

Our first order was a plastic part and it had to be re-manufactured even five times. We did not stop until we delivered a product of excellent quality, worthy of our client's trust and further partnership. A strong ambition to achieve maximum results and maintain perfect quality of products is what we are proud of today and what led us to being the leaders in precision mechanics in Lithuania.


Our goal is to be one step ahead

One of our most important values ​​is the application of innovations in the field of precision mechanics. We aim to be a part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, therefore we upgrade the equipment and business processes in our company every year. We use robots and the latest automation solutions in our production processes. Cutting-edge equipment allow us to fulfill a wide range of orders as precisely as never before.

People and experience

Collective competency is the foundation of our success

We believe that knowledge and experience must go hand in hand with imagination and dedication. Even in the field of precision mechanics, we remain loyal to the fundamental values of humanity. Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers and professionals who have many years of experience. We are constantly growing, therefore we care not only for our clients, but also for our team, its development and the great culture of our company.


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